Welcome to the Four Dragon Global Network, Inc. corporate office online.

This virtual office presents the backbone of our organization, who we are and what we do,in a carefully-designed one-stop service for a full corporate operation.

Mission: Innovative way to start a business without capital asset but passion.

We provide initial business offering for both our professional alliances and partners as well as our invitations to our young and ambitious group of entrepreneurs who will become the twenty-first century's new wave of magnates in their chosen fields.

We believe that the leadership of this group will complement the experiences of the old (traditional) and the ingenuity (innovations) of the  new breeds in the business world.

Come and soar with the Dragons in health,wealth and spirit. We are the new ventures.

Launch your business career with us where your passion pays. Our business model is a unique concept and culture. We make business, work and fun, why not? Just bring yourself!

Phases of Development

Business Planning:                "Creating the Dragon"

Organization:                        "Masterminding the Dragon"

Budget & Finance:                 "Strengthening the Dragon"

Implementation/Marketing:   "Soaring the Dragon"

Affiliations/Partnerships:      "Come Soar with the Dragons"