Our Team

We are a group of ambitious entrepreneurs who believe that creativity and  passion constitute  major factors in the success of every business.

"The greatest accomplishments in life are not achieved by individuals alone, but by proactive people pulling together for a common good."

~John J. Murphy

"Competitors may approximate your products, replicate your services, and even install the same leading-edge technologies that you use, but they cannot duplicate your people. Fact is, its workforce is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage any business has."

~Rich Layton

Corporate Organization


Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN

Chief Financial Officer

Nieva Burdick

Executive Treasurer

Roberto G. Santos, H

Executive Secretary

Ludy Resurreccion

Public Relations Manager

Consuelo Almonte

Legal Consultants

Chester Greenspan, Esq.

Business Consultants

Ayal Lindeman, LPN

Robert Castaneda

Chester Greenspan


TaxLand, Inc./Chester Greenspan, Pres.


Four Dragon Global Information Technology

JayR Suba

Four Dragon Global Marketing

Myrna D. Santos

Four Dragon Graphics and Customized Printing

Criselda Cac

Robert Santos

Four Dragon Global Productions

Marcos "Ping" Panlilio (Lifestyle Artist)

Purple Pillars Production

Four Dragon Web Design

Rose Raya, IT

Myrna D. Santos

Ecommerce and Technical Support

Mary Santos

Rose Raya

JayR Suba