Four Dragon HR Services
Human Resource Development & Management

Mission : 
  To move,manage,influence,grow,develop and build people as a valuable human capital and resource.
Vision :
  100 % Man Power Efficiency (MPE)
Philosophy :
   Work should not be an effort but rather a natural human energy utilization bringing about the production of desired outcomes.

   We provide professional services to both employer and employees, hereby creating a happy, mutually acceptable working environment, thus, increasing productivity and teamwork.

    Productivity results from mutual respect and understanding between contracting parties of employee and employer, as the provider and recipient of services respectively.

      Strategies to resolve unemployment
    * Strategies to resolve Nursing Shortage

    * Maximizing Man Power Efficiency ( MPE )
    * Job creation & Business Development
    * Placements & Referrals
    * Training Programs
    * Entrepreneurship